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Reid Street-North Confederate Avenue Area Historic District, York County (Rock Hill)
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The White House
258 E. White St.
The White House
Guest House
258 E. White St.
Steed House
143 Reid St.
Campbell House
138 Reid St.
Bynum House
137 Reid St.
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Patterson House
136 Reid St.
Jenkins House
131 Reid St.
125 Reid St.
124 Reid St.
Dacus House
120 Reid St.
S1081774603311 S1081774603312 S1081774603313 S1081774603314 S1081774603315
Guntharp House
119 Reid St.
Youngblood House
110 Reid St.
Barnes House
345 E. Main St.
Neely House
355 E. Main St.
Cranford House
359 E. Main St.
S1081774603316 S1081774603317 S1081774603318 S1081774603319 S1081774603320
Blackmon House
363 E. Main St.
John Good House
403 E. Main St.
Louis Friedheim
114 N. Confederate Ave.
Huey House
115 N. Confederate Ave.
Cunningham House
119 N. Confederate Ave.
S1081774603321 S1081774603322 S1081774603323 S1081774603324  
Stewart House
125 N. Confederate Ave.
Farley B. Huey
131 N. Confederate Ave.
Hough House
132 N. Confederate Ave.
Miller House
137 N. Confederate Ave.

The properties of the Reid Street-North Confederate Avenue Area Historic District provide evidence of the changing architectural styles and tastes that existed in Rock Hill. The residential properties in the district date from ca. 1839, a period predating the founding of Rock Hill, to ca. 1935. The district also provides evidence of the broad patterns of growth and development that were occurring in Rock Hill. The district encompasses an area that was one of the first neighborhoods surrounding downtown. It developed during the period of rapid growth brought about by the creation of the textile industry. Many of the neighborhood’s residents were middle class businessmen or professionals who worked in the nearby downtown. The earliest houses in the neighborhood were in the Late Victorian and Queen Anne styles. Later houses were built with largely Classical Revival influences, and a few in the Craftsman/Bungalow style. There are 23 contributing properties and 9 noncontributing properties in the district. Listed in the National Register June 10, 1992.

View a map showing the boundaries of the Reid Street-North Confederate Avenue Area Historic District.

View the complete text of the nomination form for this National Register property. In addition, the Historic Resources of Rock Hill, 1820-1935 includes historical background information for this and other related National Register properties.

Most National Register properties are privately owned and are not open to the public. The privacy of owners should be respected. Not all properties retain the same integrity as when originally documented and listed in the National Register due to changes and modifications over time.

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