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Jackson's Furnance Site, York County (Address Restricted)
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(Jackson’s Furnace, Stroup’s Furnace) Jackson’s Furnace Site is one of only two sites that can be associated with the King’s Mountain Iron Company, which operated in present-day Cherokee County from ca. 1815 to ca. 1860. The furnace was originally developed ca. 1815 by Jacob Stroup and Edward Fewell. In 1825, it was purchased by a group of New York investors. In 1832, the South Carolina Iron Manufacturing Company, which was re-chartered as the King’s Mountain Iron Manufacturing Company in 1836, purchased the property. The well preserved site features, particularly the earthen sluiceway, have the potential to yield information about the mid-nineteenth century use of waterpower and internal site patterning and feature construction. This site is also the only intact site that is documented as containing both furnace and forge operations within an outlying operation. Listed in the National Register May 8, 1987.

View the redacted text of the nomination form for this National Register property. In addition the Historic Resources of Early Ironworks of Northwestern South Carolina includes historical background information for this and other related National Register properties.

Most National Register properties are privately owned and are not open to the public. The privacy of owners should be respected. Not all properties retain the same integrity as when originally documented and listed in the National Register due to changes and modifications over time.

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