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East Main Street-Douglass Heights Historic District, Union County (Union)
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413 E. Main St.
414 E. Main St.
417 E. Main St.
McIlwain House
418 E. Main St.
Laurens G.
Young House
423 E. Main St.
S1081774402106 S1081774402107 S1081774402108 S1081774402109 S1081774402110
William H.
Wallace House
430 E. Main St.
434 E. Main St.
O. L. P. Jackson
502 E. Main St.
Main St. Grammar/
Union High School
503 E. Main St.
Smoaks House
504 E. Main St.
S1081774402111 S1081774402112 S1081774402113 S1081774402114 S1081774402115
Edward J.
Arthur House
508 E. Main St.
L. M Jordan
519 E. Main St.
Harry M.
Arhtur House
522 E. Main St.
Alfred H.
Foster House
523 E. Main St.
Dudley J.
Whitlock House
601 E. Main St.
S1081774402116 S1081774402117 S1081774402118 S1081774402119 S1081774402120
Guy H. Wilburn
603 E. Main St.
Mobley L.
Jeter House
701 E. Main St.
P. E. Fant
705 E. Main St.
John Alexander
Fant House
713 E. Main St.
James Hay
Fant House
803 E. Main St.

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The East Main Street/Douglass Heights Historic District is significant both for its association with the residential development of Union from ca. 1823 to ca. 1940 and as a reflection of the diverse architectural styles and influences in residences of that period. It is also significant for its association with many of the leading public and business leaders of Union in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The district is a collection of 84 primarily residential properties in the eastern area of Union, including portions of East Main Street, Douglass Heights, and Perrin Avenue. The district contains 13 properties of key significance and 42 other properties contributing to the character of the district. Representative architectural styles include Neo-Classical, Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, and Dutch Colonial Revival. Listed in the National Register July 17, 1989.

View a map showing the boundaries of the East Main Street-Douglass Heights Historic District.

View the complete text of the nomination form for this National Register property. In addition, the Historic Resources of the City of Union, ca. 1823-1940 includes historical background information for this and other related National Register properties.

Most National Register properties are privately owned and are not open to the public. The privacy of owners should be respected. Not all properties retain the same integrity as when originally documented and listed in the National Register due to changes and modifications over time.

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