South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Insurance Photographs of Schools in South Carolina, 1935-1950
Cherokee County
S11211300175 S11211300176 S11211300177 S11211300178 S11211300179
Antioch #2 St. Paul Colored Antioch #1 Centralized High
Potato House
Centralized High
S11211300180 S11211300181 S11211300182 S11211300183 S11211300184
Shilinglow Oak Grove Hopewell Colored "99" Island King's Creek
S11211300185 S11211300186 S11211300187 S11211300188 S11211300189
Hamburg "99" (Smith) Colored Loar Line Colored Cashions Buffalo
S11211300190 S11211300191 S11211300192 S11211300193 S11211300194
Buffalo Teacherage Young Grove Colored Holly Grove Blacksburg Colored Blacksburg Grammar #1

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Image provided by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.