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Millwood, Richland County (U.S. Hwy. 378, Columbia vicinity)
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Main House
Main House
Column Detail Wall Ruins Wall Ruins

The Millwood site is the ruins of the first Millwood. Built sometime after 1815, most likely in the 1830s, Millwood was an ambitious Greek Revival mansion with a central pile and matched wings. In February 1865, General W. T. Sherman’s troops burned the house, leaving only chimneys, foundation piers and twelve brick pillars. The house had, of course, been frame. The ruins also include the ruins of a smokehouse and a wine-house. Millwood was originally the home of Colonel Wade Hampton II, a famous sportsman and horseman of the first half of the nineteenth century. He was, in the winter of 1835, heir of one of the largest fortunes in America, that of his father General Wade Hampton. Hampton II became well known for his hospitality, his horses and his famous friends. He died in 1858, $300,000 in debt. His son, Wade Hampton III, was a general in the Confederate army. While the home belong to Hampton III’s unmarried sisters, General Sherman burned it down as a symbol of the leadership of Hampton. Hampton III later emerged to serve as Governor and as U.S. Senator, dying in 1902. Listed in the National Register March 18, 1971.

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