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Treadwell Street Hisotric District, Orangeburg County (Orangeburg)
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377 Treadwell St. 359 Treadwell St. Dr. Henry
Rowe House
333 Treadwell St.
338 Treadwell St. 330 Treadwell St.
S1081773802506 S1081773802507 S1081773802508 S1081773802509 S1081773802510
325 Treadwell St. Legree Bell House
320 Treadwell St.
R. L. Williams
282 Treadwell St.
274 Treadwell St. 254 Treadwell St.
S1081773802511 S1081773802512 S1081773802513 S1081773802514 S1081773802515
232 Treadwell St. 149 Treadwell St. 152 Treadwell St. 143 Treadwell St. 139 Treadwell St.
S1081773802516 S1081773802517 S1081773802518 S1081773802519 S1081773802520
133 Treadwell St. 134 Treadwell St. 129 Treadwell St. 130 Treadwell St. 126 Treadwell St.
S1081773802521 S1081773802522      
122 Treadwell St. 118 Treadwell St.

Treadwell Street Historic District contains the intact sections of an early twentieth century African American neighborhood. The district provides significant information about the history of the African American community in Orangeburg in the early twentieth century. According to local residents, this neighborhood was one of the most well to do African American neighborhoods in the city. All residents of Treadwell Street, as well as those of the Treadwell-Amelia Streets intersection, listed in the 1920-1921 Orangeburg City Directory, were African American. Most of those listed were laborers or tradesmen, but there were also a few professionals and businessmen living in the neighborhood. The district contains approximately forty buildings, all but one of which were originally residences. The majority of the buildings were constructed between ca. 1890 and ca. 1930 and are set on small lots planted with bushes, trees and lawns. Most of the houses are one-story, weatherboard frame, with simple design and detailing reflecting vernacular architectural modes of the period, including Victorian and Bungalow. Listed in the National Register September 20, 1985.

View a map showing the boundaries of the Treadwell Street Historic District.

View the complete text of the nomination form for this National Register property. In addition, the Historic Resources of Orangeburg, ca. 1850-ca. 1935 includes historical background information for this and other related National Register properties.

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