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Ram Cat Alley Historic District, Oconee County (Seneca)
S1081773701401 S1081773701402 S1081773701403 S1081773701404 S1081773701405
Patterson Building
106 Ram Cat Alley
Herbin Buildinig
109 Ram Cat Alley
Harper and
Jones Buildiing
113 Ram Cat Alley
C. F. Adams
General Store
112 Ram Cat Alley
Phinney Building
111 Ram Cat Alley
S1081773701406 S1081773701407 S1081773701408 S1081773701409 S1081773701410
P. C. Skelton
116 Ram Cat Alley
Harper and
Patterson Building
122 Ram Cat Alley
Osborne Buildiing
124 A-C Ram Cat Alley
Old Seneca
Post Office
126 Ram Cat Alley
Nimmons and
Field Building
103 N. Townville St.
S1081773701411 S1081773701412 S1081773701413 S1081773701414  
Nimmons Building
105 N. Townville St.
Austin Building
119 N. Townville St.
Richardson Theatre
121-123 N. Townville St.
125-127 N. Townville St.

(Seneca Downtown Historic District) The Ram Cat Alley Historic District is significant as an intact public, commercial, and social center of the City of Seneca. The district is a collection of twenty-one commercial buildings in downtown Seneca. Eighteen buildings contribute to the character of the historic district, which reflect the development of the downtown area as the center of commerce in Seneca and the surrounding county from ca. 1887 to ca. 1930. The district is a typical example of architectural and commercial development around the growth of the railroad in a small South Carolina town in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Ram Cat Alley was so called because of the tendency of cats to gather around the Fred Hopkins Meat Market which was located on that street in ca. 1908. Listed in the National Register March 24, 2000.

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