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Main Street Historic District, Newberry County (Newberry)
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Martin House
1531 Main St.
O. L. Schumpert
1600 Main St.
1604 Main St. 1608 Main St. Floyd House
1103 Calhoun St.
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John N. Kinard
1110 Calhoun St.
St. Lukes
Episcopal Church
1605 Main St.
Newberry Associate
1206 Calhoun St.
Aull House
1212 Calhoun St.
1220 Calhoun St.
S1081773601511 S1081773601512 S1081773601513 S1081773601514 S1081773601515
Isaac Hunt
1225 Calhoun St.
Garlington House
1227 Calhoun St.
A. W. T.
Simmons House
1226 Calhoun St.
Walter Hunt
1234 Calhoun St.
Dr. E. C. Jones
1240 Calhoun St.
S1081773601516 S1081773601517 S1081773601518 S1081773601519 S1081773601520
Burr Ramage House
Main St.
Ellesor House
1737 Johnstone St.
Edward Hipp House
1804 Main St.
Youman House
1805 Main St.
Pearson House
1213 Crenshaw St.

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The Main Street Historic District is significant as a relatively unchanged upper-class neighborhood, containing stylistic elements that reflect over a century of agricultural, residential, and mercantile development in Newberry. Residences span the period between 1840 and 1950, with few modern commercial intrusions. The work of South Carolina architect Frank P. Milburn is represented in the Newberry A.R.P. Church. The work of Newberry contractor C. C. (“Cam”) Davis is represented in the Newberry A.R.P. Church, the Aull House, the Floyd house, and in four other buildings. The district includes significant examples of Greek Revival, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Eastlake, Colonial Revival, Victorian, and Neo-Classical buildings. While a diversity of architectural styles appear, there is an unusual homogeneity of proportion and texture present in this richly eclectic ensemble, particularly in the predominance of large weatherboarded, two-story dwellings of asymmetrical form typical of the Victorian period. Listed in the National Register November 26, 1980.

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