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Dorn Gold Mine, McCormick County (Address Restricted)
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Site Horizontal Shaft Vertical Shaft 1852 Horizontal Trench

The Dorn Gold Mine is an area of nineteenth century mining operations consisting of horizontal shafts, vertical pits and a larger trench which extends approximately 200 feet. There are no above surface remains of mill buildings which stood at the site. The mine is one of the most important gold mine sites in the state. The mine was struck in 1852 by William Dorn, who excavated nearly one million dollars in gold before the vein was exhausted in the late 1850s. Dorn used slaves to excavate the dirt and employed several different types of mills to process the gold. Dorn became a wealthy man but lost much of his fortune after the Civil War. The mine was sold in 1869 to inventor Cyrus McCormick, who spent over $200,000 in a futile search for another rich strike. In 1882 McCormick ceased his search for gold and began selling his land which would become the town of McCormick. Listed in the National Register December 12, 1985.

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