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Old Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood County (503 E. Cambridge Ave., Greenwood)
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Main Entrance Overview Arnold Family
Francis Arnold
Grave Marker
Gate Detail
Arnold Family Plot
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Overview Detail showing
Monument Company
Thomas Colema
Grave Marker
John Wilkinson
Grave Marker
Lt. R. S. Cobb
Grave Marker
S1081772401611 S1081772401612 S1081772401613 S1081772401614 S1081772401615
J. T. McKellar
Grave Marker
Sarah Verell
Grave Marker
Jessie Coleman
Grave Marker
Allie Darling
Grave Marker
C. A. Cobb
Grave Marker
S1081772401616 S1081772401617      
C. A. Cobb
Grave Marker Detail
Arthur St. Clair Lee
Grave Marker

Established ca. 1860 by the Main Street Methodist Church, the Old Greenwood Cemetery is a mid-nineteenth to late-twentieth century cemetery. It was the first cemetery in Greenwood until the Magnolia Cemetery was laid out in 1871. Located at the original site of the church, the cemetery covers a one-and-one-half acre tract that contains approximately three hundred and fifty graves. The cemetery reflects typical burial customs and gravestone art during its period of significance and contains the graves of many of Greenwood’s prominent citizens. The cemetery is laid out in a regular grid plan with little discernible landscaping or other planned features other than a few trees shading family plots. The church maintained the cemetery until 1906 when it was deeded to the Greenwood Cemetery Association. In 2001, the property was deeded to the Greenwood Historical Society. Some descendants of those buried in the cemetery have worked to maintain it in more recent years. Among the prominent local figures buried here are: Alfred P. Aldrich, Jr., James A. Bailey, R.S. Cobb, Thomas Jones, Arthur St. Clair Lee, Julia Lee, J.T. McKellar, Thomas Franklin Riley, and Cadmus Garlington Waller. Listed in the National Register March 1, 2002.

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