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Trapp and Chandler Pottery Site, Greenwood County (Restricted Site)
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Trapp and Chandler
Pottery Site
Alkaline Glazed
Sherds on site
Marked Alkaline
Glazed Sherds

The Trapp and Chandler pottery site is the last known intact site of a production center of Edgefield decorated stoneware. Edgefield stoneware is unique in the realm of ceramic production in this country. The site consists of a kiln foundation with partial wall structure, an undisturbed wastepile, an adjacent clay pit, and an accumulation of quartz rock. The Trapp and Chandler Stoneware pottery was an antebellum pottery factory. Historical sources show that the pottery owned by John Trapp in 1845 began production of Alkaline glazed utilitarian stoneware around 1834 and continued production until the later part of the nineteenth century. Thomas Chandler was a master potter whose skills provided financier Trapp with the means to keep his pottery in operation. The business manufactured wares of necessity for the surrounding populace and also provided a source of income for many of the residents within the community. The pottery was a production center of utilitarian stoneware for household use and preservation of foodstuffs. Vessels in the forms of jugs, jars, pitchers, butter pots, bowls, and chamber pots were made at the pottery. These forms were identified by a study of the sherds from a preliminary test hole of the site’s waster pile. The Trapp and Chandler Pottery Site has potential for the study of mid-nineteenth century piedmont pottery production and techniques of Edgefield decorated stoneware. Listed in the National Register January 6, 1986.

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