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Marshfield, Edgefield County (Youngblood Rd., Trenton vicinity)
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Facade Left Elevation Left Rear Oblique Rear Elevation Right Rear Oblqiue
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Right Oblique
Right Elevation
Left Elevation
Smoke House
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Samuel Marsh
Grave Marker
Samuel and Deborah
Marsh Grave Markers

(Old Marsh Home Place) Marshfield is an excellent example of antebellum residential architecture in this region of South Carolina. The main house is architecturally intact and represents at least two or three building campaigns ranging from an early nineteenth century core through early twentieth century alterations. It is an excellent example of the evolution of a vernacular dwelling, illustrating the growth of the house over time based on both family needs and on changing styles and tastes. The house is an L-shaped, one-story frame residence. The original house, built ca. 1831, rests on a foundation of brick and granite rocks with a three-foot crawl space between the flooring and ground. There are four outbuildings near the house, two of which contribute to the historic character of the property. Contributing outbuildings are an early-nineteenth century shed or “smokehouse” constructed of hand-hewn and pegged timbers, and an early nineteenth-century house, constructed of hand-hewn and pegged timbers and containing a stone fireplace. The Marsh family cemetery, which is located immediately behind the house, is a contributing resource within the boundaries of the nominated property. The archaeological remains of additional outbuildings on the property are likely to exist and to contain sufficient integrity in yielding information about the operation of the farm throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Listed in the National Register January 9, 1995.

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