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Indian Fields Methodist Camp Ground, Dorchester County (S.C. Hwy. 73, St. George vicinity)
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Tabernacle Tabernacle Tabernacle
Camp Ground
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Cabins Cabins
Rear Elevation
Facade Detail

Architecturally, the design of Indian Fields reflects its use as a setting for a collective religious experience. A sense of community is heightened by the circle of adjacent cabins. Constructed in 1848, Indian Fields Methodist Camp Ground retains the nineteenth century layout of ninety-nine wooden cabins, or tents as they are called, which form a circle around a large wooden pavilion, the preaching stand or tabernacle. The simplicity of the rough-hewn cabins and the open tabernacle is a part of the unpretentious style of evangelism that attracted a popular following. The original Indian Fields Camp Ground, located two miles away, was functional as early as 1810. In this year, Francis Asbury, who led the organization of American Methodism through itinerant preaching known as “riding circuits,” preached at Indian Fields. Even after many other stops on the circuits had become established churches, the meeting camp retained a tremendous influence on the development of religious life. Serving crowds too large for church buildings or homes, the campground responded to both religious and social needs. The ambiance of an antebellum campground such as Indian fields was a unique part of the American collective experience. Listed in the National Register March 30, 1973.

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