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St. John's Historic District, Darlington County (Darlington)
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Central Baptist Church
102 Park St.
Darlington County
127 N. Main St.
107 Park St. 109 Park St. St. John's
High School
Park St.
S1081771600506 S1081771600507 S1081771600508 S1081771600509 S1081771600510
St. John's
Park St.
Park St.
Haynesworth House
121 St. John's St.
L. S. Welling House
119 St. John's St.
Trinity Methodist
Episcopal Church
122 St. John's St.
S1081771600511 S1081771600512 S1081771600513 S1081771600514 S1081771600515
Judge E. C. Dennis
115 St. John's St.
115 St. John's St.
James S. McCall House
114 St. John's St.
112 St. John's St. Moses Sanders House
114 Sanders St.
S1081771600516 S1081771600517 S1081771600518 S1081771600519 S1081771600520
115 Sanders St. 118 Sanders St.
(was 120 Sanders St.)
Methodist Cemetery
Wells and Orange Sts.
Church Parsonage
112 Well St.
Dana House
212 Orange St.
S1081771600521 S1081771600522 S1081771600523 S1081771600524  
204 Orange St.
(was 280 Orange St.)
205 Orange St.
(was 279 Orange St.)
Old Gibson House
148 Orange St.
106 Orange St.
(was 130 Orange St.)

The St. John’s Historic District contains a concentration of late nineteenth and early twentieth century vernacular buildings, including residential, religious, and educational examples. The majority of the buildings were erected by local contractors without the help of an architect. The district consists of approximately nineteen properties of particular historical or architectural significance and thirty-six supporting properties. The focal point of the district is St. John’s School complex and campus, the Academy Green. The properties in the district are located in approximately five block area of oak lined streets. Approximately 75 percent of the buildings were constructed prior to 1925. Most of them were built between 1880 and 1925 during a period of unprecedented agricultural prosperity and reflect the architectural characteristics of that era, including Victorian, Neo-Classical, Colonial Revival, and Bungalow. The majority of the buildings in the district have been continuously used and have been kept in good repair. Listed in the National Register September 4, 1980.

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Most National Register properties are privately owned and are not open to the public. The privacy of owners should be respected. Not all properties retain the same integrity as when originally documented and listed in the National Register due to changes and modifications over time.

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