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West Main Street Historic District, Chesterfield County (Chesterfield)
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Austin-Craig House
302 W. Main St.
301 and 303
W. Main St.
St. Paul's
Methodist Church
305 W. Main St.
Hurst-Streeter House
306 W. Main St.
Dr. D. T. Teal House
508 W. Main St.
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Chesterfield Public
W. Main St.
Chesterfield Public
W. Main St.
Jackson House
(Old Courthouse)
610 W. Main St.
Mt. Tabor United
Methodist Church
W. Boulevard St.

The West Main Street Historic District, which is the core of an intact residential neighborhood, includes five nineteenth century buildings and a large number of fashionable and substantial buildings dating from Chesterfield’s era of greatest prosperity in the early twentieth century. The ornate, Carpenter Gothic Revival Austin-Craig House, built in 1858, is unique to the West Main Street Historic District as the only known antebellum house in Chesterfield that diverges from the traditional farmhouse form. In addition to the Austin-Craig House, the district contains seventeen properties total, including two churches, a school, and five larger residences built between 1900-1930. Many properties are of brick construction. Freedmen of the community built one of the churches in the district in 1878, and it is the only identified ecclesiastical building in Chesterfield to have survived this period. One early commercial building, now used as apartments, is also included in the historic district. The district is unified by landscaping, the relative scales of the buildings in accord with their local importance, and by the absence of major intrusive elements. Listed in the National Register May 4, 1982

View a map showing the boundaries of the West Main Street Historic District.

View the complete text of the nomination form for this National Register property. In addition, the Historic Resources of Chesterfield, ca. 1798-1937 includes historical background information for this and other related National Register properties.

Most National Register properties are privately owned and are not open to the public. The privacy of owners should be respected. Not all properties retain the same integrity as when originally documented and listed in the National Register due to changes and modifications over time.

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