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Charleston Navy Yard Officers' Quarters Historic District, Charleston County (North Charleston)
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Quarters A
100 Navy Way
Quarters A
Garage and
Chauffer's Quarters
100 Navy Way
Quarters B
200 Navy Way
Quarters C
300 Navy Way
Quarters D
N. Hobson Ave.
S1081771017606 S1081771017607 S1081771017608 S1081771017609 S1081771017610
Quarters F
99 Navy Way
Quarters G
1600 Hobson Ave.
Quarters G
1600 Hobson Ave.
Quarters H-I
96-98 Navy Way
Quarters J
311 Navy Way
S1081771017611 S1081771017612 S1081771017613 S1081771017614 S1081771017615
Quarters J
Garage and
Servant's Quarters
311 Navy Way
Quarters K
1152 Everglades Dr.
Quarters S
1545 Hobson Ave.
Quarters X
1445 Hobson Ave.
Quarters Y
2516 Hobson Ave.
Officer's Tennis

The Charleston Navy Yard Officers' Quarters Historic District is nationally significant as a collection of historic resources representing the establishment, growth, and development of the upper echelon of senior military housing, support structures, sports facilities and recreational landscape features within a park setting at the Charleston Navy Yard (later the Charleston Naval Shipyard, and finally Naval Base Charleston) from 1901 through 1945. While some of the developments in housing were typical of those constructed at other navy yards elsewhere, the Charleston Navy Yard Officers’ Quarters Historic District stands out as a singularly unique prototype for elite residential planned communities. This district is composed of forty buildings, structures, sites, and objects. Twenty-eight properties contribute to the historic and architectural character of the district, and twelve properties are noncontributing resources. Quarters and structures contributing to the significance of the district fall into three time periods and associated forms of architectural styles: 1) Base Acquisition and Construction through World War I, with late Victorian and early twentieth century eclectic designs such as the Italianate, Neo-Classical, Italian Renaissance Revival and Colonial Revival styles; 2) Inter-War and 1930s Expansion, with additional twentieth century eclectic designs such as the Colonial Revival style, several service buildings and New Deal Federal projects such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA), with designs such as the Panama House style, and 3) World War II Expansion, with additional WPA designs, the Panama House Style, and twentieth century residential designs such as the Colonial Revival and Neo-Colonial styles. Listed in the National Register March 2, 2007.

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