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Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston County (off U.S. Hwy. 52, Charleston vicinity)
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Col. William
Thomas Bennett
William A.
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W. B. Smith
Micah Jenkins
Elbert P.
Jones Monument
Ellen Turner
Hattie A.
Bird Monument
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Masonic Gate Receiving Tomb Magnolia Umbra
Plantation House
Cemetery View

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Magnolia Cemetery, a large public cemetery, covers approximately 92 acres and contains the graves of numerous prominent South Carolinians. Established in 1850, Magnolia is extensively landscaped with winding drives and paths interspersed with small ponds and a lake, and contains excellent examples of late 19th century cemetery architecture and sculpture. The original design included a chapel, formal garden, keeper’s house, and receiving room. Of the original cemetery structures, the Receiving Tomb remains, plus a ca. 1805 structure (now the superintendent’s office), three 1890s structures, five mausoleums, and many impressive examples of cemetery art and architecture. Also remaining are excellent examples of iron work, of the late 19th century and remnants of the original landscape patterns. Magnolia enjoyed prominence during the mid and late 19th century, a time when it was also a popular spot for picnicking during the Victorian era. The cemetery is an excellent reflection of the arts, tastes, and social mores of the 19th century. Listed in the National Register March 24, 1978.

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