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Pocosabo Town, Beaufort County (Address Restricted)
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(Rule Site) Pocosabo Town is historically important because it was occupied by the Yamasee Indians, a group that played a crucial role in the early history of the state of South Carolina. This site may have been occupied by the Yemasee as early as 1695, but it was definitely the location of Pocosabo Town from 1707 to 1715. During the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, the Yamasee - including those living at Pocosabo Town - served Carolina by defending the colony’s southern frontier against Spanish attack, by participating in the trade in Indian slaves, and by killing large numbers of deer and trading their hides to Charles Town for export. The archaeological site of Pocosabo Town is extensive and well preserved, and significant information concerning the Yamasee occupation of the Carolina frontier is buried in its fields and forests. Listed in the National Register January 21, 1994.

View the complete text of the nomination form for this National Register property. In addition, the Historic Resources of Yemasee Indian Towns in the South Carolina Lowcountry, 1684-1715 includes historical background information for this and other related National Register properties.

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